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    DCASA MEMBER Gauteng Debt Counselling is a registered member of DCASA
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    NCR REGISTERED Debt Counselling is subject to the National Credit Act (NCA) and enforced by the National Credit Regulator (NCR)
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Debt Counselling

a Successful Debt Counselling application will:

  • Stop legal action by Credit Providers
  • Greatly reduce monthly instalments
  • Give you control back
  • Stop Credit Providers from harassing you
  • Get you Debt Free

The Process

Customer Reviews

Client Testimonies : Debt Counselling is the best solution to thousands of South African Citizens who find them self over-indebted as a result of the Global Financial Climate.

Please read some of the stories from our clients about the benefits of this service.

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About PDA

PDA Hyphen: a PDA is a Payment Distribution Center. a PDA is the onliy authorised company that is allowed to collect funds from custiomers for distribution to credit provides.

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Through Debt Counselling

You can take control back

When you find yourself in too much debt, the natural reaction is to hide and so you stop answering private numbers, mainly because you don't know what to say anymore. The harder you try to fix it, the more you struggle and then the stress itself drains you emotionally. You will probably also notice that you are physically tired.

The Best Advise we, as a debt counselling company can give you is that you need to take control of your situation and you need to do it now. We are in the business of helping consumers find relieve from the burden of being Over-Indebted - you are welcome to read some of our customer reports. Remember, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem becomes.

 This is what one of our clients said;


David was always just there with the right solution and negotiations with my credit providers - (Elisabeth S.....) 


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