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About Gauteng Debt Counselling

We have assisted 100's of people to become debt free through the NCR Debt Counselling process.


By mid 2014, over 500 000 individuals have applied for Debt Counselling in South Africa

Sometimes, you just need find the right solution, so let us help you

  • Debt Counselling is subject to the National Credit Act (NCA) and enforced by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Read More
  • As featured in Beeld and Rapport with a 5 year clean track record. Read More
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Debt Payments

A single payment will be taken from your bank account every month by an NCR approved Payment Distribution Agency.

You have complete control to confirm payments are received and transferred.


You will receive a 1 page statement showing how much each credit provider received each month.

The distribution of your money will be according to the negotiated plan and will not be more or less.

Reliable History

Gauteng Debt Counselling has been in the Debt Review practice since 2009.

Our track record is excellent, delivering great quality service with an understanding attitude combined with a commitment to your success.

Focused Service

We only practice Debt Counselling and associated Debt Review Services. This implies that our focus is aligned with no conflict of interest.

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The Process is Time Sensitive

The Debt Counselling Process is extremely sensitive to time frames. Our systems are well designed to stay within them.

We use systems providers that are market leaders to make sure we are always on time.


You will automatically receive a one page statement every month. On time, every time.

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