Stay Out Of Debt: Buy Second Hand

Most people are aware that purchasing a new car is a terrible financial decision. Buying a used car provides considerable long-term savings. But are you mindful of the fact that there is a growing number of individuals that attempt to buy everything used? Or maybe not everything, but at least whenever possible.

In today’s difficult financial times, everyone is trying to make ends meet and buying second hand can increase your savings and help your money go further.

Not only will you save money but you will assist the environment. Buying used items decrease manufacturing demands while keeping more goods out of the landfill! Since a great deal of man-made things are consistently disposed of, re-using provides a longer life for everyday household items another family could use, thus saving the Earth as a result.

Second-hand products are typically associated with bad quality, which is not the scenario at reputable merchants. There is simply no need to buy everything brand new. If you wish to save some money, take into consideration thrift stores, consignment stores, used booksellers, etc. You should be cautious of falling into the trap of getting more than you need since the items are so inexpensive, or you might not be doing yourself a favour after all.

Things you should buy second hand:


Used doesn’t have to mean ugly or worn out. With how often people move or just change their minds after a purchase, second-hand furniture stores have an excess of high-quality couches, tables, electronics, and even cheap baby furniture.


Buying a used car is a much wiser choice than buying new. If you purchase a vehicle that’s a couple of years old, it will still depreciate, but you’ll lose less money less rapidly. And you’ll avoid that big initial depreciation strike the previous owner took.

Sports Equipment

If you’re planning to go ski for the first time, it doesn’t seem sensible to purchase a new pair of skis. When you or your kid is taking part in a new sport, consider buying used gear first.


Unless you intend to display the book on your coffee table or purchasing it as part of a collection you plan to preserve for a long time; you don’t have to pay more just to be the first person to read the book.

Musical Instruments

Children frequently take on musical instruments for only a year or two at a time, which suggests secondhand options are plentiful, and you won’t want to spend money on something new unless they are ready for a serious commitment.

Make sure to only shop at reputable stores that can guarantee high-quality products. An excellent second-hand retailer should have systems in place to ensure that the goods you buy are not defective; otherwise, your intended saving could end up becoming a waste of funds.

Throughout the course of a year, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of Rands, resulting in a budget surplus you can either put towards your emergency fund or treat yourself and loved