Debt Counselling Safety

We find that the first major area concern for clients is about trusting someone else with their money. This issue is highly resolved with NCR registered debt counsellors, Professional debt counselling and Debt Review practices through the usage of NCR registered and monitored Payment Distribution Agencies (PDA).

We use a company called Hyphen PDA.



The key responsibility of the PDA is to provide an effective and reliable recovery and distribution system to Debt Counsellors. Hyphen has a number of Debt Counsellor System Provider Partners who facilitate the onward transmission of data to Hyphen, with the maximum of safety and security at all times. The Debt Counsellor System Providers have been fully integrated into the Hyphen PDA system.

Hyphen Technology is a Payment Distribution Agent, or PDA, accredited by the National Credit Regulator.

The PDA will

  • From month 1, collect a single payment (that you agree to) from your bank account.
  • They will allocate the collected money to the payment plan that we upload to their system.
  • They will provide you with a single page statement showing who was paid, how much was paid and how much is still outstanding
  • They will keep records and proof of pament for each payment they make.

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    Our happy clients

    Reason for applying to go under Debt counselling?

    I was in a relationship where my partner participated in paying various debts and expenses. When this relationship ended, I was forced to move to Pretoria, rent accommodation and because of this, could not keep up with my monthly debt responsibilities.

    S. Sibya

    How did Debt Counselling Help?

    My budget was recalculated and a repayment plans was designed and proposed by Gauteng Debt Counselling to the various credit providers whom in turn accepted these proposals. This greatly reduced my monthly commitment enabling me to live once again without the stress of how and where to get the financial support needed.

    S. Sibya

    Was Gauteng Debt Counselling professional and supportive?

    Yes – They clearly and accurately explained the process of debt counselling and resolved all issues with regards to credit provider queries that arose after my initial application. I don’t receive any phone call from credit providers as the process is working and running smoothly.

    S. Sibya