Debt Counselling provides a strong remedy to having too much debt and this short section will help you determine if Debt Review is an solution you should use.

When should I use Debt Counselling?

This question is important and an early realisation of the facts will improve your ability to use Debt Review as a powerfull and effective remedy. If one or more of the following statements apply to your financial life, then Debt Counselling has become a possible solution.

  • When you cannot pay all your monthly debts with your current monthly income. That means you are over indebted and you are now falling behind on monthly debt payments
  • When you are taking loans to pay back debts. You are making the issue bigger and it only extends the time before everything collapses. Another loan is not a sustainable solution.
  • When the credit providers are calling you about late debt payments.
  • When you have fallen behind on payments and you realise you cannot catch up without making more debt.
  • When life happens and you loose a portion of your income due to illness, divorce, robbery or anything reasonable that stops you from being able to repay your debts.

What does debt Counselling Do?

Understanding the value of Debt Counselling is important in the decision making process. The following short statements provides some insight into the immediate benefits you can expect from a successful application.

  • Debt Counselling immediately stops the credit providers from starting legal action against you.
  • From the 1st month you start paying the new reduced debt installments leaving you with enough money for your daily living expenses.
  • Your debt will all be paid with a single monthly payment through the safe, secure and monitored Payment Distribution Agency and you will receive a one page statement clearly showing where your money has been distributed to. This is great for management of debt.
  • The credit providers will no longer be harassing you because your Debt Counsellor becomes your mediator and he / she will handle queries and issues related to your Debt Review process.
  • When your debt is paid back, your name will be cleared through a legal clearance certificate and you will be able to take on new debt.

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    I was deep in debt and couldn’t afford the debit orders anymore and didn’t know what to do, then ‘GAUTENG Debt Counseling ‘ came highly recommended by someone else who was under counselling by them.

    The service I received was very professional, friendly and prompt, if I had any queries it was dealt with very quickly and efficiently and it gave me peace of mind to know that I was taken care of.

    I would definitely highly recommend ‘GAUTENG Debt Counselling’ to any person in need of Debt Counselling, they took a lot of pressure off from my shoulders and my G-d forbid that it ever happens again to me, I will definitely make use of their efficiency again.


    Renier van Eeden